Unexpected Mechanical Flaws Make Longview, WA Mobile Trailer Repair Essential

More often than not, owners of recreational vehicles (RVs) can jump into their RVs of choice and go on trips without any trouble. Snags only come when these vehicles, no matter how well-made, break down and their owners need to call a Longview, WA mobile trailer repair crew while on the road. Yet in unique cases, they might not even have the chance to immediately drive the RVs they want, as a report posted on indicates.

According to the report published in early September, five RV manufacturers were forced to recall some of their units due to flaws in their awning systems. The report named the manufacturers as Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC), Crossroads RV, DRV Suites, American Surplus & Mfg. Inc., and Recreation by Designs.

ATC recalled 17 units of their 2013 Quest trailers that were assembled between February 26 through April 10 of this year. This was due to a design change in their brand power awning motor assembly made by Dometic. Similarly, DRV recalled 129 units of their 2014 Tradition, Mobile Suite, Mobile Suite Select, and Elite Suite vehicles and trailers, also for the same reason.

Just like the first two manufacturers, American Surplus and Recreation by Design did the same move, as some of their latest RV units apparently had the same mechanical flaws. On the other hand, Crossroads RV started recalling 1,931 of their Redwood units made from August of 2011 to August 2013 due to problems with the power awning switch.

The report explained that the problem with the Dometic awning motor assembly is that its screws might shear and result in the unfurling of the awnings. This could occur while the RVs are moving or parked and injure the driver and other riders. Dometic was said to replace the affected motors with a different design while the respective RV companies requested the owners to avoid using the units until all repairs and replacements are completed.

Since accidents caused by mechanical errors happen unexpectedly, it is important for every Washingtonian who owns an RV or truck to have the contact details of a reliable provider of mobile truck repair from Longview, WA or any other place in the state. Companies like I-5 Truck can be expected to deliver swift assistance on the road, even until midnight.

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