Emergency Road Side Assistance Tumwater WA Exit 99


One of the fastest growing lightly populated areas along I-5 in SW Washington would have to be the towns of Chehalis- Centralia-Tumwater Wa. This area is one of the most beautiful stretches along the I-5 corridor that is sparsely populated, covered in trees and teeming with rivers, fish and wild life. To the North of Exit 99 is Olympia WA- the State capitol. Here you will find the population density and traffic congestion rapidly begin to increase as you make your way North up I-5 to Tacoma, Seattle and beyond. South of exit 99 are the small towns of Centralia, Chehalis and Castle Rock where almost all neighbors know each other and freeway traffic is almost nonexistent. That’s what makes this area such a catch 22 for Big Rig truckers that haul loads North or South- its rather isolated. If you are in need of Emergency Road Side Assistance going North into Tumwater-Olympia-Lacey or headed South and in need of Emergency Road Side Assistance Centralia WA, call 360-673-3300. I-5 Truck Trailer offers 24/6 on call Mobile Repair Service for most all of your Truck Repair Shop, Auto Repair Shop, RV Repair Shop, Welder, Hydraulic Repair Service, Brake Shop, Mechanic, Hose Supplier, Tire Shop, Auto Electrical Service and Diesel Engine Repair Service needs. Read More →

Emergency Roadside Service Ridgefield WA


Happy New Year to you and yours! 2015 is sure to bring increased momentum to our local job market, housing market and the entire tax base of revenues coming into the State coffers. The numbers that reflect this growth is amazing and tell a story of what’s to come for the Ridgefield WA area, including all of Clark County, Cowlitz County, Lewis County and Thurston County- here are the numbers:

Ridgefield WA, and mile post 16- one of my busiest locations for Emergency Road Service of Big Rig Trucks and Trailers- is leading the way in this local growth explosion. This trend is going all along I-5 from the Vancouver WA border with Oregon to Tumwater WA. Ridgefield WA growth rate is second only to Bothell WA- a city in the Seattle Metro- which grew 20% due to annexation. Ridgefield’s growth is due to the efforts of local planners to attract both family-wage jobs and single-family homes, according to city officials. Due to the proximity to the Portland-Vancouver metro area through the I-5 corridor, the city of Ridgefield is fast becoming one of the State of Washington’s main destinations for home builders and families from all over the U.S. A rebound in home-building is occurring where tracts of land were platted and prepared for building prior to the housing market’s collapse of 2008. Read More →

Dwindling Truckers: An Issue for Ridgefield, WA Mobile Truck Repair Companies?

They’re a familiar sight on America’s open roads, in semi-trucks and big rigs with up to 18 wheels, cruising alongside cars and other vehicles. Better known as truckers, the drivers of these rolling behemoths make their presence known from afar with the honking of their horns. They serve the vital need of transporting goods along the busy commercial route of Interstate 5 (I-5), from San Diego, CA, through Myrtle Creek, OR, and to Ridgefield, WA and beyond.

Despite their seeming ubiquity, the number of truckers is dwindling. A recent story by WEAU 13 News reported that trucking companies need more people to fill vacancies left by retiring drivers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that truckers have an average age of 48 years, which is getting higher as more drivers hit retirement. If this trend keeps up, it might create issues not just for trucking companies but also complementary businesses that depend on this industry for their income. These include companies involved in food service and mobile truck repair in Ridgefield, WA and elsewhere.
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Unexpected Mechanical Flaws Make Longview, WA Mobile Trailer Repair Essential

More often than not, owners of recreational vehicles (RVs) can jump into their RVs of choice and go on trips without any trouble. Snags only come when these vehicles, no matter how well-made, break down and their owners need to call a Longview, WA mobile trailer repair crew while on the road. Yet in unique cases, they might not even have the chance to immediately drive the RVs they want, as a report posted on indicates.

According to the report published in early September, five RV manufacturers were forced to recall some of their units due to flaws in their awning systems. The report named the manufacturers as Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC), Crossroads RV, DRV Suites, American Surplus & Mfg. Inc., and Recreation by Designs.
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